How To Vote

How To Vote

Visit the pets profile to cast your vote. Costs may vary.

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Why can't I enter?

Entries for next month close 3 days before the end of the month. This allows our team to approve photos and check for duplicate entries.

Your pet will take part in the following month.



For pet owners entering their pet into the Cute Pet SA competition, please ensure you take a few minutes to read the rules before entering the competition.

We expect the entrants of our monthly competition to respect our rules in the interests of fairness and to ensure the enjoyment for all those that taking part.

Please read these rules below and our competition and website terms along with our privacy policy.

If you have any queries with regards to our rules please contact us and a member of our team will answer any queries you may have.

  1. Please read these Rules, along with our General Competition & Website Terms, and Privacy Policy (“Policies”), before entering the Cute Pet SA competition, as your participation in this competition, or use of any website hosting/detailing our competition/s (“Website”), will constitute your automatic acceptance of the Rules and Policies, and some terminology or obligations may be explained in one or more of these.
  2. Cute Pet SA is administrated by Cutify Media & Marketing (Pty) Ltd (“the Promoter”), the same innovative media company that brings you Cute Baby SA and Cute Kid SA and Cute Couple SA and Super Cute SA.
  3. Any queries related to the Cute Pet SA competition can be directed to [email protected] who will gladly assist.
  4. The Promoter is also the Responsible Party (as defined by SA data laws) for all data it may process pursuant to your entry into this competition.
  5. This competition is only open to participants who are South African residents and who are 18 years and older and warrant that they have the full legal capacity to understand and enter into binding contracts, as of the start date of this competition. If entering on behalf of a corporate entity, the participant warrants that they have the full authority of the relevant entity to do so.
  6. Entry as a subject is only open to currently living, lawfully possessed domestic pets only.
  7. Employees (and their immediate families including any live-in partner) of the Promoter, companies within the Promoter’s group of companies, and/or those associated with the operation or promotion of the Competition including without limitation the provider of the prize, are ineligible to enter or vote in any of our Competitions. Any such entries are invalid. The winners (pet owners) are required to have a valid South African bank account in order for us to award any cash prizes and will be required to verify their identity and age before receiving their prize.
  8. All photos are screened. Only those accepted, using our sole discretion, during this screening process will be posted on our site and issued a Unique Voting ID.
  9. Inappropriate or distasteful photos will not be accepted. Your entry will be deleted. The decision to do so is entirely within our sole discretion.
  10. Entry into the competition is done via this website and is free.
  11. Voting opens at 00:00 on the first day of the month and closes at 23:59:59 on the last day of the month.
  12. Voting is via free daily votes and bonus codes which are redeemable for free votes (free methods) as well as premium rate SMS, credit & debit card, Zapper, PayPal. (paid-for methods).
  13. Entry into our monthly Cute Pet SA competition is free. However, voting in the competition attracts a charge (as detailed below) to the voter in the case of votes cast via the paid-for methods, namely:

    Premium rate SMS charges:
    • 5 votes costs R2.00
    • 40 votes costs R10.00
    • 150 votes costs R30.00
    Free and bundled SMS cannot be used to vote. Errors will be billed and cannot be reversed. SMS voting is not available on FNB Connect networks. A limit of 100 SMS per mobile number applies.

    Credit & debit card and Zapper charges:
    • A 250-vote bundle option costs R50.00.
    • A 1250-vote bundle option costs R200.00.
    • A 5000-vote bundle option costs R500.00.
    PayPal charges:
    • A 250-vote bundle option costs USD3.99.
    • A 1250-vote bundle option costs USD12.99.
    • A 5000-vote bundle option costs USD34.99.
    Free daily votes and bonus codes attract no charge.
  1. To give all participants an equal opportunity to WIN, please note the following:
  1. This is a 2-STAGE competition (effective 01 August 2022)

    STAGE 1 starts on the first day of the new month and all voting methods are available. There will be elimination rounds during this stage and dates will differ every month, you can find these dates on each profile page under ‘Important Information’. Cutify Media and Marketing (the promoters of Cute Pet SA) review entries throughout this stage and will select 25 participants, based on their photo’s originality, artistic quality and overall cuteness. Participants who make it through every elimination round will be considered for one of the 25 ‘Promoters Pick’ spots. These 25 participants will be notified that they are a ‘Promoters Pick’ during STAGE 2.

    STAGE 2 takes place in the final 5-7 days of the month. The exact date will differ every month, you can find this date on each profile page under ‘Important Information’. The leading 75 pets as well as the 25 ‘Promoters Pick’ create a TOP 100. Votes gained during STAGE 1 go back to zero. Only FREE voting methods will be available to vote for those in the TOP 100. Voting ends at midnight on the last day of the month.
  2. Participation can be ‘PAUSED’ at any time

    Voting is actively monitored throughout the month. An entry is ‘PAUSED’ if an *extreme number of votes are received using any of the voting method available (free and/or paid for) and investigated further.

    *Please see ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Help’ for more details.
  1. The 3 pets with the most votes at the end of the competition, are declared that month's Cute Pet SA winners. The winners will be announced on our winners page and via our Facebook page.
  2. Winners will be awarded the following associated prizes by the Promoter in this competition:
    • First Place Winner: R10,000 cash;
    • Second Place Winner: R5,000 cash;
    • Third Place Winner: R3,000 cash;
    • Voters Prize Winner: R2,000 cash.
  3. Prizes will be paid to the verified Top 3 Cute Pet winners within 10-15 working days of their being announced. Prize winners will be notified directly by email and/or phone (using the contact details provided by them on their entry form) to arrange for the payment of their prize.

    This communication may involve requesting additional information to confirm that the prize winner does indeed qualify to receive a prize from Cute Pet SA.
  4. Voters need the bill payer’s permission to vote via SMS, this applies to contract and pay-as-you-go subscribers. Proof may be required as such before any cash prizes are awarded.
  5. The Promoter will block votes from our system if more than 100 SMSs are received from the same mobile number. Further SMSs received will still be charged by your mobile network, but votes will not be allocated. Our system will notify you when you have reached your limit.
  6. Failure to adhere to these rules in any way could result in disqualification from the Cute Pet SA competition. In this case, Cute Pet SA reserves the right to reassign a prize to another entrant.

The Cute Pet SA competition and its website are governed by the laws of South Africa only. Should certain features of these same laws not be expressly stated herein, they are nonetheless applicable. We also adhere to the Code of Conduct as set out by the Wireless Application Services Providers' Association (WASPA).

Rules Update On: 28 July 2022

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